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The African Insurance Organisation, AIO, has launched the fourth edition of its HALL OF FAME Award.

The third edition was awarded to Mr. Fola Daniel, former Commissioner of Insurance, National Insurance Commission, Nigeria.

The aim is to recognise individuals and companies for their outstanding contributions towards the growth of the African insurance industry.

The award will be presented to the meritorious individuals and companies during a gala dinner at the close of the AIO Conference and Annual General Assembly.

In addition, the winner in the individual category will be nominated for the Insurance Hall of Fame which is organised by the International Insurance Society (IIS).

 Guiding Principles

Nominees must be adjudged to have made a broad encompassing and lasting contribution to the insurance industry in its broad sense (insurance, broking, reinsurance and regulatory) and thereby exerting a substantial influence on the ability of the insurance industry to serve society. They must be recognized by their peers, without question as having been dominant and successful leaders, innovators and visionaries.

Nominee Presentation

Biographical Information:

  1. Summary of the candidate’s biographic information
  2. Candidate’s major achievements in insurance (and society) not volume of activities but quality and impact*
  3. Impact of these achievements
  4. Any economic, institutional data required to support or explain the candidate’s contributions
  5. Any other information of significance about the candidate.

* Guidelines to major achievements to insurance and society (examples to give meaning)

  1. Creation or implementation of a product, service or innovation that has had an outstanding impact on the ability of the insurance industry to better serve and or protect the public
  2. Development or implementation of a meaningful improvement in the level of knowledge and education within the industry which has impacted its ability to effectively serve the public and successfully address future needs.
  3. Provided significant support in attracting and or developing new participants (individuals or companies) in the insurance industry through efforts of professional organizations to ensure industry professionalism and perpetuation.
  4. Influenced or played a role in the development of legislation and or regulatory activity related to the ability of the industry to succeed in Africa’s insurance environment while serving and or protecting the public.
  5. Provided exemplary service to the public in any role or circumstance not described above, that has reflected positively on the insurance industry and its ability to serve and protect the public.
  6. Provided identifiable positive contribution to the growth and furtherance of the aims and objectives of the African Insurance Organisation, in addition to the wider insurance industry in Africa.

You are hereby called upon to nominate individuals and institutions that have made significant contributions to their home markets and by extension, the insurance sector in Africa. Your nominations must be supported by the following details:

–          Name of the nominee (individual, company or international organisation)

–          Name of the company of the nominee (if nominee is an individual)

–          Reasons for nominating the person/institution i.e. Nominee’s contribution to insurance in their local market, sub-region or in the continent.

Nominations should be sent to the AIO Secretariat by email (in Word format not more than 850 word, three pages maximum) to , .

The deadline for submitting nominations is 01st April, 2019.