1st Edition of the AIO NEWSLETTER

The African Insurance Organisation has begun the publication of a
NEWSLETTER intended to provide members and other stakeholders with
regular and relevant updates about the AIO and its activities. The AIO
has added the newsletter to its existing communication outlets (website,
twitter, facebook, LinkedIn and direct emails)

The main goal of the newsletter is:

? To raise awareness from current/future members about AIO and its role in the African insurance market

? To educate AIO?”s members and partners about the new direction of the Organisation and the expansion of its mandate

? To demonstrate the value-added of AIO to encourage more partners to join the Organisation.

Through this NEWSLETTER, the AIO wants to regularly and transparently inform its members and other key stakeholders.

Click here to access the content of the NEWSLETTER:  https://www.african-insurance.org/content/uploads/2019/12/aio-newsletter-itwstrgc-plan.pdf

Previous SOUTH AFRICA ? Viviene Pearson ? SAIA Chief Executive Officer and Director of the IISA.

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The African Insurance Organisation (AIO), established in 1972, is a non-governmental organisation recognised by many African governments.

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