First Female CEO in Algeria market

Wided Belhouchet, CEO of CASH Assurances


Diplôme de troisième cycle d?”assurance, Institut de Financement et Développement du Maghreb Arabe( IFID, Tunis), 1999Diplôme
d?”ingénieur en planification et statistiques, Institut National de la
Planification et des Statistiques, Alger 1997, option planification

Professional career in insurance

October 17, 2018 to date: CEO of CASH AssurancesMay 2011 to 2018: Retrocession manager, Compagnie Centrale de Réassurance (CCR)2009-2011: Reinsurance manager, Alliance Assurances Algiers2006-2009: Technical manager, BEST Re, Algeria2004-2006: Reinsurance central manager, CAAR Algiers2002-2004: Head of TPL / Engineering and reinsurance department CAAR2001-2004: Assistant manager, acceptances and placements, CAAR2001: Head of research, reinsurance department, CAAR

Previous SOUTH AFRICA ? Viviene Pearson ? SAIA Chief Executive Officer and Director of the IISA.

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