KENYA – Integrated Motor Insurance Data System (IMIDS)

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AKI is in the process of implementing a system that will centralise motor insurance data to facilitate the detection of fraudulent claims and assist in the management of motor certificates. The Integrated Motor Insurance Data System (IMIDS) will promote best practice across the industry through use of standard formats for processing underwriting and claims information; facilitate information sharing among AKI members; and promote good governance through compliance of regulatory issues.

The IMIDS system will have statistics in various categories including; stolen motor vehicle data, salvage data, written-off motor vehicle data, uninsured motor vehicles, accidental claims and other key indicators.
Once completed, the system will provide a link to other key stakeholders in motor insurance in the country such as Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA), the Police and National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA). However, to protect the privacy of policy holders, the system will have an information management system that protects sharing of personal client information.

Motor Insurance Business accounts for almost half the total gross premium for general insurance. In view of the fact that the data will be centrally located; this will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of processing claims an action that will greatly improve customer service delivery levels in insurance companies.

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