September 1, 2021

Papers presented during the 2021 AIO Conference in Lagos, Nigeria

  • 61447e66ca2e2_AIO BROCHURE pdf (17169kb) [ download ]
  • 61447e66d01d0_Communique Arrived at the 2020 AIO conference in Lagos Nigeria pptx (675kb) [ download ]
  • 61447e66d04d6_Nigeria Insurance Market_Yinka v final pdf (793kb) [ download ]
  • 61447e66d08ae_Regulation Innovation and Future of Insurance - Dr Muradzikwa pdf (126kb) [ download ]
  • 61447e66d0986_The New Normal How Leaders can Reset for Growth beyond Covid-19 - B Tonat pptx (7904kb) [ download ]

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The African Insurance Organisation (AIO), established in 1972, is a non-governmental organisation recognised by many African governments.

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